Creates, Produces and Supports Art, Artists and those who make LOVE a priority in LIFE. 

Believing that art can be a vehicle to create awareness and real change in the world, Life = Lovewas founded by Shanti Wintergate & Melissa Koller to combine philanthropic efforts with artistic expression.  By partnering with organizations that have shared core beliefs, the art piece or collection in turn empowers change and promotes awareness by it's very nature.    

Everything is produced in small and sometimes limited edition runs and is as eco-friendly & local as possible.  All the work is done by our hands or hands that are treated and paid fairly.  We work with various organizations that allow our artistic vision to create real change in the world.  Your support in turn makes more than just a fashion or art statement.

We have decided to put this idea into action with a collection of eco-friendly, screen printed t-shirts, long sleeves, tanks, totes and greeting cards and art prints.  The shirts feature original animal designs by Shanti Wintergate and 20% of the profits from your purchase will directly support the education, health and well-being of animals and humans across the globe. 


FOR A LIMITED TIME (11/22 - 12/17) This holiday season, we will be donating 50% of the profits to our brothers & sisters standing in solidarity at Standing Rock.  #WATERisLIFE