a children's picture book by Shanti Wintergate & Gregory Attonito

The final message of I Went for a Walk is what makes it especially worthwhile for young readers: “Always LOOK! / Always QUESTION! / Always LISTEN to your HEART! / Always BELIEVE in YOURSELF!” Highly recommended.
— Midwest Book Review

I Went for a Walk, and kept on going… Around the bend, outside the box and out of this world, this new children s book explodes off the page with the energy of a great rock song. Like a great song, it fills your heart with imagination and inspiration.

Greg Attonito, singer for the punk band The Bouncing Souls has teamed up with his multi-talented wife Shanti Wintergate to create this unique and evocative offering a chapter book for the precocious pre-schooler. Within the first few pages, you will travel the deserts and oceans of Earth before suddenly becoming airborne – flying above the Earth into an amazing landscape of space where “The view was more beautiful than I could imagine.” You begin to realize that the place you live isn't all that's out there.

There are gentle lessons of equality, beauty, tolerance and variety. A hungry tummy in search of a suitable meal is the motivator as you travel into the strange universe of leftover lasagna mold and to unimaginable planets where people dance, fly and live for the moment. “The people of IZ don’t live on food, they live on moments which are abundantly good. Throughout the story, Shanti’s lyrical and smart play on words manages to carry a quirky rhyme and rhythm that makes the book fun to read. The illustrations burst with life and in fact, the creation of them was an adventure in itself. Greg illustrated this story while touring the world with the Bouncing Souls. With paint pens and sketchbook in hand, he managed to capture something special from almost every stop on his touring schedule. I Went for a Walk’s adventure theme truly fits the way the book was created.

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